Top Secret Dial Codes for Android Devices

 Top Secret Dial Codes for Android Devices


In this article, we will be discussing how to use the Top Secret Dial Pad Codes for Android Devices. If you aren't sure what exactly it is, don't worry as we will provide every codes. Before we begin this article, we'll advise you that various codes work on different Android devices.

We will discuss the essential codes for Android phones such as Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Oneplus and other. These codes are extremely useful to Android users. Let's begin this article.

What is Dial Pad Codes ?

Dial pad codes are utilized to verify Android devices most obscure yet important functions. With dial pad codes we check the other sensors, such as microphone, camera and many more. However, no one can access these exclusive and vital features when setting the dial pad because they are not accessible and that's the primary reason is the reason we employ Secret codes inside the Dial Pad. In reality, the majority of people are unaware of these codes. But don't worry, we're here to help.

Finally, the Dial Pad code is hidden code, which includes Asterisk symbols Hash tags, digits and tags such as #digits#. By using codes we can collect more and more details about the various Android devices.

What are the benefits for us?

Most of the instances where we need details regarding Android devices, but haven't locate the data, however when it comes to top secret dialpad codes, we are able to find information easily however some of the information is not visible, so we are unable to find them on our Android devices. However, the cash value of these tricks, hidden techniques will assist us locate the information.

Utilizing these codes we can look up our IMEI number, which is totally concealed, and check different types of censors such as microphone, camera, speakers Display, Brightness, and many more. Also, we can check the Android Device actual model number and other information regarding the software running on our system. The code itself dependent on the models and mobiles So, let's look at certain codes for supported Android devices.

Dial Pad Codes that work with compatible Devices

As we have discussed, the different codes will work on with different Android devices. It's not certain that one specific code will be compatible with two different Android devices. However, some codes work across all Android devices that require the IMEI code since it is crucial and is used in a variety of ways to monitor devices, trade products online, or to obtain all the information on an Android devices, etc. We'll begin to discuss the codes using our first Android Device.

#1. Samsung Dial Pad Codes

Samsung is the top Android Company and many user are using Samsung Mobile which is why we will discuss this issue in the first place.

#Code 1 - *#1234#

The most essential Dial pad code that will be very useful to everyone Samsung users. Through this code we can determine the current model of the Samsung Phone. Nowadays, most Android phones look the similar and the model numbers can be very helpful when buying an older Android Devices.

#Code 2 - #0#

This code is very important and beneficial to all Samsung users. This is because, when we use this code to our dial pad, the Test Mode will be enabled in the Android devices. We have already discussed that by making use of Test Mode we can test various Censors like Audio, Touch Pad, Display, Bluetooth, Camera and other.

#Code 3 - #12580369#

If your mobile has any issues or problems with its system, imagine that we visit the mobile store to fix it and this code can be extremely beneficial to users who are repairing or checking the mobile system. Since this code can easily determine the current and exact version of both software and hardware.

#Code 4 - *#0808#

This code is basically an USB set-up code. If we use this code to Samsung handset dial pad, then USB setting is turned on and will display two options in the screen. These are useful to Samsung users who connect their Samsung Mobile to Personal Computer or Laptop.

Here are some crucial Dial pad codes for Samsung Devices.

#2. Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme Dial Pad Codes

We will now discuss special codes that can be used on multiple Android Devices like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and many more. We have already discussed that one code can't run on multiple Android Devices however these Android devices that we have mentioned are produced or controlled by a single company called BBK Electronics Empire. We will now discussing our discussion about the Dial Pad Code.

#Code 1 - *#6776#

Anyone using Oppo, Vivo, Realme Oneplus can look up specifics of their device. If we purchase an Old phone, in that situation this code will assist us in obtaining details regarding the Android phones.

#Code 2 - *#899#

When we use this code to Dial pad, the Engineer Mode will open. This code might not work on the most recent OnePlus Android devices. With the Engineer Mode we can easily check or troubleshoot using Android devices.

#Code 3 - *#1234#

As we have discussed previously, we can check the hardware and software versions of Samsung Devices and those code is not compatible with Vivo and oppo devices, as well as Oneplus, Realme. However, by applying this code, we can check whether we are using the Software Version that comes with Vivo, Oppo, Realme and OnePlus.

Dial Pad Codes are used to confirm the IMEI Nunber

Each Android Devices have 2 unique numbers of code. We refer to them as IMEI number. This number is very significant for any Android devices, and it doesn't matter whether the Android devices are of a specific or another model. Therefore, if we need to look up our EMEI Number then we need to use our dial pad and use this code #06# and after entering the code that is unique it will show our IMEI Number in the settings of our Android Devices.

Final Words

We recommend that you don't know the specific code, you shouldn't attempt to use it random dial pad code. This is the reason there's other dial pad codes that might be activated when you randomly typing. While dial pad codes can be extremely helpful for us. If we can use the unique dial pad codes on our compatible Android devices, then we will not be faced with this kind of issue.