Top 7 Useful Tips & Settings About Android Devices.

Top 7 Useful Tips & Settings About Android Devices


Today we will be discussing the top 7 useful tips and Settings for Android Devices that are helpful for all Android users. In this article, we will cover each issue one at a time. We will begin today's essential article.

Top 7 Useful Tips & Settings About Android

In this article, we will talk about the top 7 useful tips and settings About Android that really helps you the most. This is not a discussion of the third-party Application We will only talk about the features that are already found in the Android Settings, however a lot of us do not know of these options. Let's get started.

#1. Caption

This is the best option or feature that can be found in Android Setting but many times we do not take advantage of this. By using the Caption Feature we are able to understand the language spoken by the video in the format of letters. It is a fact that many times we view the video but don't know the language of the video and the Caption feature will create an audio voice for the film and show your own personal language the format of letters. You can choose any language we want to use in Caption functions.

To enable this setting at first, we need to open our Settings After that, scroll down and we will find the Accessibility option. Alternatively, you can search for the settings for this option as well. In the Accessibility settings you will see the Caption Option as well. When we enable this Setting it will allow to create captions of videos. This is extremely useful for us.

#2. Remove Animations

There are times when our Android devices are slow, and there are a variety of reasons, like a the lack of space, excessive applications running in background, a lack of storage, or other factors. In this case, a hidden feature or setting can assist us in running our devices more efficiently. The name of this feature or setting can be Remove Animation. We have noticed that there are certain Animation is used when we perform anything similar to opening any application on the system, it shows an effect, which is known as Animation. With this setting, we can disable the entire Animation. The result is that will make our Android devices are smooth and somewhat fast.

To enable this setting, you must go to the mobile settings and locate the Accessibility option, and After scrolling down, you will see the option to remove Animation feature. If you don't see the option, then you need to activate the Developer option and then locate the feature in the developer settings.

#3. Magnification

It is also among the greatest features available on Android Devices. Through Magnification you can zoom any object that appears on our screen. Sometimes, we are unable to read text or edit certain images, therefore by applying the Magnification Feature it is possible to zoom our screens so that we can easily read text and modify any image.

To activate this setting first, we need to open the Accessibility settings and then view the Magnification option. You can switch on this option. You can then easily expand your screen.

#4. Choose to Speak

Sometimes we don't want to read the text or sentence that is on our screen. This is why the Select to speak features helping us read the text that is displayed on the screen. When we activate the feature, a pop-up window will is also displayed, then we will see the button as a music play and we must press it and then press it to choose the text. For selecting the text, move your finger from between up and down, and box will then draw the text on your screen. Your device will then will read the text inside the box. This feature allows us to can read the text as well. The setting is available in the Accessibility Option, so that you are able to easily locate and switch to the Select to Speak Option.

#5. Color Inversion

It's not the most crucial setting, however it is a appealing and intriguing setting. This setting is usually converted to into dark mode on all Android phones. When it switches to dark mode, the design of the device distinctive and attractive. When we use our mobile during dark, this feature can also protect our eyes. To enable this feature, we must access the Accessibility settings and then you can find the Color Inversion option.

#6. Nearby Share

The majority of people don't have this feature, and instead install third-party applications to transfer their data to different devices, but this feature is already the built-in features of Android devices. Android Devices. In addition, the Near By Share feature has a lot of quicker than other applications from third parties. Through Near By Share we can share data such as photos videos, files, etc. others.

To activate Near By Share, just move your finger down and your notification bar will pop up, and you can swipe it down again and your tool bar will show and, in the toolbar you'll discover Near By Share option. If you are unable to locate it, go to your settings and scroll down to select Google then choose Device & Sharing and now you will be able to find the Near By Share.

#7. Running Services

I'm certain that this feature will be very beneficial to your Android Devices and i know that a majority of Android users don't be aware of this feature because this feature isn't readily available. Sometimes, we shut down applications on our phones and delete those apps from our Recent Apps, however some apps remain is still running in background, that we do not know about. The result is that the phone is running slow and encounter a issues.

To determine which app runs in the background of your device first, go to your Developer Option Yes, because Developer choice is actually a hidden setting , meaning that most people aren't aware of this feature. When you are in the Developer options, select Running Services option and now it is easy to find applications that are running in background. And we can stop them easily by pressing the Force Stop option.

Final Words

In this Article , we'll talk about the top 7 Tips and Setting about Android devices. The settings are crucial for every Android users. They can be used to adjust the settings according to our needs. That's all there is to it for our Today's Article Advert. We will return to a different Topic.