Top 5 Best Male Characters in Free Fire 2022

credit: Freefire

Best Male Characters from Free Fire 2022: Characters are crucial in Free Fire. In the present, there are 37 characters available in the game. Each character is unique and has distinct strengths that could help players to succeed in the game. This article we'll discuss the top 5 mail characters of Free Fire.

1. Hayato

Hayato really is a legendary samurai , and his forte is Bushido. This boosts the penetration by 7.5 percent, while reducing 10 percent HP. If you prefer to play defensively, this character could be a good fit for you. Additionally, you can be able to benefit by this persona in fights. The price will be 8000 coins of gold.

2. Jota

Jota is one of the top characters of Free Fire. The strength of Jota is Sustained Reds. This will give you HP with every kill with SMG as well as Shotgun. Additionally, a quick cooling time of 5 seconds can be noticed. This is beneficial against enemies.

3. DJ Alok

Alok is a character from the game. Alok is like the famous DJ Alok Petrillo. DJ Alok can be called the most popular character in the game. It is a particular power known as Drop The Beat. It has a great advantages to speed and healing. It is possible to win battles making use of it in games.

4. K (Captain Booyah)

K is called Jiu-Jitsu's Professor, and Jiu-Jitsu' expert for Free Fire. Its strength is that it is the Master of all. It increases two EPs every three seconds. It takes 20 seconds to switch the mode. K at level 6 could easily boost 2 EP in just two seconds. Because of this, it could prove extremely useful.

5. Jai

Its strength lies in its ability to reload ragging. Because of this, you'll gain from AMO. Each weapon comes with its own characteristic. If it is seen, you will quickly finish the team even without AMO. The cost is 499 diamonds.

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