Top 4 Platform To Create Android App In Mobile.

Top 4 Platform To Create Android App In Mobile


Today we will talk the Top 4 Platforms to develop Android-based apps on mobile. This topic is quite special and is very important for people who would like to become an Android Developer or already are a developer, but don't have a desktops to build Apps professionally.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 4 Platform that easily run on our smartphones. With the aid of these platforms we can easily develop Android Apps. If you're a member of an account with a Google Play Console Account then you are able to create your app on the Google Play store. Now let's discuss these subjects.

About Android Development

It's the procedure where developers write code, and, after compiling them, and then creating an Android Application build. In order to create this application, Developer may employ XML Language, Java Language Kotlin Php and any other. However, we mostly use Java along with XML language to design or create Android Application.

However, the moment when to develop the most advanced software is here, and we are able to create any type or Android Application with Coding and without Coding.

With Coding Application

The majority of professional Android developers employ to develop Android Application with Real Coding. To ensure that their Application is unique and user-friendly. Through the use of code we can modify any kind of design or add any logic into our application. Only those who are able to create Android Application who have knowledge of Programming Languages.

However, those who don't have any clue about this or are someone who is new to Android Develop may face problem.

Application that does not require Coding

There are a variety of platforms that allow us to build an Android Application with out writing any code. This is the best option for those who don't know anything about Android Developing and Programming Languages or even this platform could is a great option for those who are beginners in the Android Developing Field. The main thing to remember is that it is impossible to alter all the things within an application that is developed programming.

Best Platform to develop Android Applications

Android Studio This is most popular platform to develop any kind or Android Application. We generally use Java along with XML language to create Android Application in Android Studio. It is simple to publish our apps on Google Play store, which we design within Android Studio.

However, we can only use this platform for Desktop devices such as Computer, Laptops etc. This is not compatible with mobile phones. However, we will later discuss Top 4 Platform which help in the creation of Android Application In Mobile.

The Top 4 Platforms for creating Android Apps in Mobile

We will look at our thoughts on the Top 4 platforms and there features. In the Top 4 Platform there some applications only for developers and others for beginners or for those who don't know anything about Android Developing and Programming Language. This means that these platforms are


AIDE refers to Android Integrated Development Environment, and this is one of the most well-known to build various kinds and types of Android Application. It is accessible through the Google Play store so that anyone can download and install it. It is the same platform as Android Studio. Through this platform it is possible to create Application using C, XML, Java, C++ etc.

Not only do we develop only Application but we also develop a variety of Games too. Since we write actual code in order to create Android Application so we can modify any aspect of our apps. This is the most secure and most reliable platform to create Android Application. It is also possible to publish our Apps and Games through the Google Play console which we make with using AIDE. Are they beginners? might be they have a issue, so we will look at how beginner can create apps without programming.

#Top 2. Sketchware Pro

It is the second most platform that allows us to make or develop any type application. Android Application. It is also possible to create Application using coding or programming with the help of Sketchware Pro. Java as well as XML language can be used on this platform to build Android Application but we haven't write code but can create an Application with Drag and Drop features.

With the help by Drag and Drop features we are able to create an original design and incorporate logic into our app. However, this platform isn't available on the Google Play Store, however it is possible to download it from Google chrome.

 #Top 3 Kodular

Kodular can be described as the platform on which you can develop or build Android Application by using Drag and Drop Features. To utilize this platform, first, we need to research about it on Google, then visit their official website and register an account, then we can create Android Application in mobile. Most users using Kodular to create their applications. We are also able to publish the Android Application which we create using Kodular. We can create Apps with no programming aid the platform. This platform is for individuals who are beginners in the Android Developing Fields.

#Top 4 Appcreator 24

It is the easiest method of creating Application without programming. It is easy to discover this platform using Chrome. We are unable to create any type of Application with this platform. It is a very limited platform that is designed for people who don't have any knowledge of Android Development. With the help of this platform we can quickly place advertisements and make money from your Android Application and also we can make it available in the Google Play store.

Final Words

In this Article, we will be discussing Android Development and also discuss about the top 4 Platform to create Android Application on Mobile. We suggest individuals who don't have an concept of Android development without using coding platform to build their Application. If you are aware of Android Development and Programming Language you can make use of the AIDE platform to develop an Android Application.