Top 10 Best Linux Distros Especially For Gamers.

10 Best Linux Distros For Gamers in 2022

The world of Linux is so vast that the number of distros that you can install on your system can make anyone feel overwhelmed by the options. However, today we'll give you a list that is distinct. It's difficult to rank Linux distros without categorizing them by a predetermined guidelines.

But, many Linux users have taken very seriously which Linux distro to install and also support often using our funds or our work. This is not often transferred from one person to the next.

List of 10 Best Linux Distros For Gamers

As we mentioned earlier we'll present something new and exciting today. Today, we'll share an overview of the most well-known gaming Linux distros. Let's take a look.

1. Lakka Linux

Lakka Linux is one of the most unique Linux distros available in the present. It's essentially a light version of Linux that transforms your computer into a retro console. It doesn't come with any games, however it does include a variety of old-fashioned gaming console emulators. You can play games directly on this light Linux distro by using emulators. Lakka Linux also supports Raspberry Pi CuBoxi HummingBoard, UDOO, Banana Pi, etc.

2. ChimeraOS

ChimeraOS is in essence an Steam OS alternative that directly will take users to Steam Big Picture upon booting. The arch-based Linux converts your computer into an gaming console in which it is possible to play steam games as well as non-steam games.
While ChimeraOS can play non-Steam games but it's mostly used by people who play the majority of their games on Steam. The interface for users of ChimeraOS is slim and appears pleasing.

3. Steam OS

Steam OS Steam OS Best Linux DistroSteam OS is the first operating system that can blend Steam with Linux. If anyone is still doubting whether Linux could play gaming, Valve includes Steam OS to eliminate all doubts.
It's a no-cost operating system that is designed specifically for gamers. It combines the robust architecture and solid functionality of Linux together with Steam.

4. Sparky Linux

Another excellent distro to use for Gaming because it includes the unique program known as "Aptus Gamer." The feature allows you to install different consoles, emulators, as well as other necessary tools for gamers. There is a huge list of emulators that are available via Aptus Gamer.

5. Fedora Games Spin

The Linux distro is the best illustration of its capability to play games. Its Fedora Games Spin comes with thousands of Linux games. The official website states that "The included games span several genres, from first-person shooters to real-time and turn-based strategy games to puzzle games." The Linux distro has a wide selection of games to play for no cost.

6. Game Drift Linux

Game Drift is another popular open-source Linux distribution that gamers would be thrilled to own. It's a derivative of Ubuntu, and is specially designed for gamers who are apex of the game.
The best feature of Game Drift Linux is its array of tools for gaming. In addition to it, Game Drift Linux is lightweight and the user interface is incredible.

7. Ubuntu GamePack

Ubuntu GamePack is among the most popular Linux distros to use for every gamers. The most appealing feature of Ubuntu GamePack is that it is compatible along with Steam as well as Lutris gaming platforms, which allows you gamers to access games quickly.
In addition, it also means that the Linux distro also has Wine clients, meaning you can download Windows games.

8. Manjaro mGAMe

It is a Linux-powered operating system that was initially referred to by the name Manjaro Gaming. The most appealing feature of Manjaro MGAMe is that it comes with amazing gaming features such as Steam Lutris, PlayOnLinux, and more. Beyond that, Manjaro mGAMe offers an array of gaming emulators and software.

9. Pop!_OS

The truth is that Pop! OS is an Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu. It is, however, Pop!_OS is more polished than Ubuntu because it only comes with GNOME as the desktop application. We've put Pop!_OS on our list because it is compatible with most recent hardware.

It works with all modern processors and graphics chipsets. Additionally it is a very stable and lightweight distribution. Linux distribution is extremely light and extremely stable.

10. Drauger OS

Drauger OS is among the most reliable Linux distros that you can run on your PC. Drauger OS is a Linux distro is renowned for its security and stability. Drauger OS is based in Ubuntu and gives gamers a variety of gaming options.

The best part is that it can work with wireless controllers as well as custom kernels that improve the gaming experience. The only drawback of Drauger OS is the fact that it's intended to be used for daily use. It's because it does not have the essential tools needed to perform day-to-day tasks.

This means that these are the top Linux games distributions. Try these distributions and let us know your opinions and ideas in the comments below. I hope this article has helped you! Share it with your friends as well.