The Top Ten Google Useful Tips & Tricks.

 The Top Ten Google Useful Tips & Tricks.


Today , in this article, we will talk about the Top 10 Google helpful strategies and techniques. In this article, we will not just talk about but also provide all the of the top 10 Google useful tips and tricks step by step and these tricks and tips are beneficial to every user of Google Let's begin our current article.

What exactly is Google ?

Before we get started with today's article first, we need to know what exactly is Google and what it is. Google is the name of the search engine that is used by many users to search for data queries. In this article we'll examine the secret settings, or tips that are useful and I'm certain that majority of users do not have any idea about this setting that we'll cover in today's article. Let's get started.

Top 10 useful tips and Tips About Google

This is the moment we will look at the top 10 most helpful techniques and tips on Google and to help you better grasp, we will break down the hidden features. In this article we'll provide you with instructions on how to activate the feature and make use of it with ease.

#1. Open New Tab. New Tab

The first feature or setting is open in a new tab. A majority of users use the new tabs when they are searching for something on Google. If you are one of those who does this, then this feature would be very useful to him. Once you enable this feature, we can look up anything on Google and then click a link, it opens in a new tabs instantly. However, first we must make some configurations before using this feature.

To activate this feature first, go to and, if you're using mobile, then switch to desktop mode. Then go to settings and you will be able to be presented with a pop-up menu. Select the first option, which can be described as Search setting. Once you have clicked, scroll down until you'll see " Where Results open" choice. Click it and under the options, select the box to save the settings. Then you can search for anything or click a link, it opens in a new window or tab.

#2. Searching for a safe place

This feature is extremely beneficial for parents. It's also known as a parental control. If you're a parent, and want to use this feature. With this feature, your child, or anyone else can't search for harmful websites. To enable this feature go to settings and then select Search setting. you will see the one of the options the option to use a safe Search Filter, click to enable this option. Then, Google will filter every search and eliminates bad information.

#3. Results per page

Sometimes, you wonder there are only the Top 10 results are displayed when we type in any query on Google. If you'd like to alter the number of pages with results, or enhance the value, it's possible. When you modify the way you type anything into Google and Google will display a certain number of search results for which you have determined to display.

To activate this setting is simple. First, go to Google Website or homepage then go to settings and then to search results. Once you do that , you'll see Results Per Page as the second choice. You can also change the number of results and set it to between 10 and 50 results.

#4. Language

A majority of people would like to establish their own personal language, such as Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc . in Google Search Results or change the language but aren't able. The search results' standard language used is English. Change the Language used by Google Search Results is too simple. First, go to the Google Website or homepage and then select the settings and then click on the settings for search. We will then see the Language option in the upper left corner. Click the option to choose a language and then select the language we wish to include in Google results.

#5. Search Results History

In the course of our lives, we do a lot of searching through Google. And you are aware Google will track everything we search. Google will always keep track of the kind of items we are searching for in Google results, meaning that it is simple to track our entire details. It's not just google but anybody can also check what kinds of things we are searching for on Google. If you wish to erase your entire search history, you must clear the history manually since it will not be cleared by itself.

To delete our Google search history, first you must visit website, and then go to change settings, after that you will see your Search History Option in fourth number. Then click the Delete button to erase our search results history.

#6. Toss an Coin

This isn't the way to go, but it's the most amazing and useful tech tips you can use to toss coins through Google. Imagine we are at a the ground of a match and in order to begin a cricket , first we have to throw the coin, but sometimes we don't have a coin to throw, but today is possible to throw the coin through Google. Go to the Google website and type in " Toss a Coin". Google will then show the digital coin. We can simply toss the coin and see if Heads or Tails are revealed.

#7. Online Calculator from Google

Today, every calculator is extremely advanced however if we use an electronic calculator that is an ordinary calculator, or have a mobile with a keypad where the calculators don't progress or advance, then we quickly calculate and resolve any issue. This calculator is modern and can be found the Google. To begin to calculate, you need to type in the Calculator word on Google website. A digital calculator will be displayed. We can now solve any advanced problem making use of this calculator, which is made available by Google.

#8. Google locate my device

There is no requirement to install Google Find my device app from the play store. To locate our device's use the same email address that we've already signed in to on another device. Once we grant location permission, and it will automatically detect your mobile. We can also sound the alarm with the help of Google Find my device.

#9. Pronounce

The majority of difficult words we can't pronounce, and in this case google can assist us to pronounce the word that is difficult to pronounce. For this feature, simply look up Pronounce before writing the difficult word correctly spelling. Google will then provide the most efficient methods for pronounced the word difficult and assist users to understand the word with ease.

#10. Related Photos

This feature is beneficial for all google users. With this feature, you can upload an photo and google will give us all the details about the upload made by us. This feature is extremely useful for students and other Android users. If you'd like to utilize the feature first, visit Google and then switch on desktop mode. Then you need to click the image option , which will be on the top. Now we can have the Camera logo at the top of the google's search bar. Click on the logo, and then we will see the option to upload an image. Now you are able to upload images of any kind we want and Google will give all the information regarding the image.

Final Words

In this article we will look at the top 10 important features on Google We will go over each features one at a time. These features we cover in this article are interesting and beneficial for all person who uses Google.