5 Best Memoji Maker Apps for Android

5 Best Memoji Maker Apps for Android

Memoji is a feature that Apple's ecosystem has made easy to recognize if you have used it before. Memoji, Apple's answer Snapchat's Bitmoji or Samsung's AR Emoji, is Apple's answer. You can create a Memoji to represent yourself in chat.

Although Memojis were wonderful, it is not available for Android users. Android users will need to use other apps to create customized emojis that reflect the mood and personality of their user. This guide will help you to find such apps for Android.

Best Memoji Maker Apps for Android (2022)

This article will provide a list of top Android memoji creator apps. These apps allow you to create a cartoon avatar. Let's take a look at the top free Memoji apps available for Android smartphones.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a Snapchat app that you might already be familiar with. Bitmoji allows you to create your very own emoji. You can even create a cartoon avatar to represent yourself with this app. Bitmoji can also be used with other apps like Snapchat, Gboard, etc. These apps will allow you to use Bitmoji. Another feature that Bitmoji can unlock is Friendmoji. Friendmoji, a 2-person Bitmoji that you and your friends can use, is called Friendmoji.

2. MojiPop

MojiPop, another great app for Android, lets you create funny cartoon stickers instantly. This app can be used as an avatar creator, where you can create your avatar then convert it into stickers. The sticker can be used on all social media platforms and instant messaging apps once it has been converted. MojiPop isn't as well-known as Bitmoji or Memoji, but it can still create avatars that accurately reflect you. MojiPop even allows you to create animated stickers. You can only share animated stickers to platforms that support GIFs.

3. Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatars can be compared to Bitmoji stickers in Snapchat. To create an avatar for yourself on Facebook, you can use the mobile app. You can create a cartoon of yourself using Facebook. The avatar you create in Messenger and Facebook news feed replies can be used. A detailed guide has been shared on how to create a Facebook avatar. To learn the steps, make sure you read that guide.

4. Avatoon

Although Avatoon is not the perfect Memoji alternative, it does its job well. You can create your own avatar using the powerful photo editor included in Avatoon. You can also use the Avatar Snapshots feature to change your avatar's expression. Avatoon allows you to share avatars created with Avatoon across all social media platforms and instant messaging apps. Avatoon is an excellent Memoji creator app for Android.

5. EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI's Face Recorder is different from Memoji but can still be considered an option. EMOJI Face Recorder allows you to choose from a range of cute creatures and emojis, instead of making your face an emoji. You can choose emojis that look like fun creatures such as unicorns, octopus, and the creature will imitate your facial movements. EMOJI Face Recorder has 3D touch, which makes them look great. You can even add your voice to the emojis. EMOJI Face Recorder for Android phones is a great Memoji alternative.

Final Words: These are the top free Memoji and Memoji maker apps available for Android smartphones. These apps can be used to create emojis that look like you. Let us know if you have any other apps that can create Memoji for Android in the comments section.