10 Cool Android Apps in 2022.

10 Cool Android Apps in 2022.

When we have a quick glance at the Google Play Store, we will see a lot of games and apps. In comparison to other operating system on mobile the application that is available on Android is quite good. Google Play Store covers apps that are divided into different categories like productivity apps, utility apps, free apps multimedia apps, etc.

It's hard to believe however the fact is that over 2.3 million games are available through Google Play Store. Google Play Store, and every day new apps with the potential to be useful are not noticed. So, in this post we'll provide an overview of the top Android applications that you aren't aware about.

List of 10 Android Apps That You Must Know...

It's important to note that a lot of apps belonging to the same class are through Google Play Store. Google Play Store, but the ones listed below are different in a unique way. Let's take a look at the list of awesome Android apps that you're not aware about.

1. Hermit

We're certain that not everyone who reads this article has a premium smartphone. This is why Hermit Android app is designed for those with high-end smartphones. Hermit Android app is for the people who have.
It's an application that can create an app that is lighter than the original. It's fascinating that it's able to create lighter versions of your most loved applications and other services.

2. Radon

Radon is a file-sharing application that allows you to share links or smaller files. The application is similar in comparison to Xender or ShareIt however it's more efficient than the two.
To share links, apps or smaller files users must tap the share button from anywhere on Android and select "Radon" within the menu for sharing. After this, the application will begin sharing links to other devices that have Radon installed.


IFTTT (also known as It's a short form for If You Think This Then That IFTTT can be described as an Android automation app whose possibilities are limitless. The IFTTT application to automatize the operation of your Android smartphone in numerous ways.
You can make rules using IFTTT to automate tweets send SMS, publish on social media platforms Send notifications of important calendar events as well as more.You can also set IFTTT to manage smart devices. Thus, IFTTT is an excellent method of controlling many tasks on Android and is certainly one of the most effective applications you can utilize.

4. Run Pee

If you're looking to enjoy a non-stressful movie watching experience, you should to try Run Pee a try.
It is among the most unique apps designed for moviegoers since it will tell them when is the best time to pee and run between movies. This app makes sure that the user does not lose any crucial scene from the film.

5. Forest

If you've been looking for ways to free yourself of the addiction to smartphones, then Forest might be the perfect application. Forest is a productivity application for Android which lets you start a seed and grow into a tree in just 30 minutes.
The main goal of the app is to motivate users not to abandon the application. If you quit the app, it'll end the growth of your tree. Thus, Forest is indeed a innovative way to combat the addiction to smartphones.

6. KinScreen

KinScreen is a great option for those looking for ways to get greater control over their phone's screen. It lets users decide what time of day they'd like their screen to be turned off or on.
You can, for instance, activate the screen when tilt, motion, or wave is observed. In addition, the app is able to disable the screen by simply closing the sensor.

7. Navbar Apps

Navbar Apps is among the most customizable apps for Android that is available in the Google Play Store. The best part about Navbar Apps is the fact that you allow you to add widgets, customized backgrounds and colors. for your navigation bar without root access.
Navbar Apps offers users plenty of themes for personalizing the navigation bar of an Android smartphone.

8. Torchie

Torchie is a torch application which lets users activate it by holding the button for volume. It's not among the most innovative apps, but it's useful absolutely.
In the event of a power outage and you are not able to stretch your fingers towards your notification area, use the volume button to turn on the flashlight on your camera.

9. Wakie

The morning routine is not an easy thing for many. If you're just like me and struggle to get up early in the morning and get up, then Walkie is the perfect app for you.
As opposed to setting alarms, Wakie can set it and connects you to an unknown person from across the globe.
If you set the time at the time you set, you will receive an uninvited call from a person who will ask you to get up. The call will be in contact for a minute, and the caller's anonymity is kept.

10. WiFi Map

WiFi Map is among the top WiFi hotspot apps on this list, boasting greater than 100 million WiFi available around the world.
It displays only an open WiFi connectivity on the map, along with the password.
With WiFi Map it is possible to effortlessly connect to the internet no cost. It's an excellent Android app that every Internet user should be aware of.

Final Words:

These are the coolest Android applications you can download right now. Each app is accessible for free through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. If you have suggestions for additional Android apps please let us know via our comments section below.